Do less.
Get more done.

Experience Connect Stream®, the effortless approach to improving interoperability for K-12 data systems and software applications.

Connect your people, data and software in a single platform.

The cloud-based platform of Connect Stream® creates a secure and unified environment for your K-12 district’s people, data, and on-premise and cloud-based applications to work together to improve interoperability and efficiencies. Gone are barriers to data access, software applications working in isolation, and manual, redundant processes.

District Performance

See how your entire K-12 district is performing


Generate business analytics to make data-driven decisions based on ALL the information

Real-Time Data

Work with correct, current data for all reporting needs

Connect the disconnected.

In Connect Stream, ALL your K-12 central office data can be managed and used seamlessly in real time in a single platform with your HR, Payroll, Finance, and Benefit management software and your data system(s).

Remove data silos and improve efficiencies

Work across organizational boundaries

Eliminate manual and redundant processes

Maximize the transformation. Minimize the effort.

Connect Stream is another seamless solution from PSST, the experts in integration specific to K-12 central office data systems and management software applications for Human Resources, Payroll, Finance and Benefit administration.


Providing integration services to K-12 districts


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Employee size of districts served

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