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30 trusted years in K-12 back-office integrations

Connect Stream®

A Solution from PSST, LLC

Connect Stream® is designed by PSST professionals who are former K-12 administrators with “in-the-field” experience. Our design team possesses the deep expertise needed to address the unique business and reporting requirements of K-12 school systems. Having worked in the central office as well as the classroom, our K-12 experts have first-hand knowledge and understanding of the time and resource challenges of the K-12 environment.

PSST was founded in 1990 with a vision for improving efficiencies for K-12 and business administrators with integration and compliance solutions. Over the decades, PSST has established a reputation for its client-centered service and integration and compliance solution that save time, money and resources for K-12 districts and businesses in the areas of Human Resources, Finance, Payroll, and Benefit administration.

K-12 ERP and SaaS experience

PSST has more than 30 years’ experience offering integration solutions for K-12 SaaS.

  • Bi-directional and intelligent integration solutions
  • Training and consulting that helps its clients maximize use of Munis®

  • Bi-directional, intelligent integration
  • Unified TalentTM

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PSST, LLC is a third-party provider of Munis® training and consultation. Munis® is a registered trademark of Tyler Technologies.

We have always found the folks from PSST to be knowledgeable, creative, and above all caring. Whatever technical issue we have brought to them has been solved quickly and with attention to detail…we have worked with PSST since the mid-1990s and are happy to recommend them to anyone who would benefit from their professional, personal approach to meeting customer needs and expectations.

Donald Fleu Boyd County Public Schools, Kentucky

The PSST team and its products are quick and efficient. The account managers are very responsive and supportive, calling back usually within the hour or sending a follow-up email. This is what we were looking for.

LaDonna Blow, Payroll Supervisor Cheshire Public Schools, Connecticut

The biggest surprise about working with PSST was the kindness of the people. The PSST relationship is not a vendor relationship, but a partner relationship. PSST will answer questions that might not be for our exact product, but they share information with us about the successes of other districts and how a different resolution might assist us. They truly are a partner in providing leave and time benefits to our employees.

Leisa Casanovas, Director of Finance Beauregard Parish School Board, Louisiana

I think what really surprised me the most about working with PSST was their level of commitment to making our day-to-day jobs easier…the best thing for me is that PSST actually does what they demonstrated, and they are a constant partner throughout our business relationship, always there and always willing to help.

Accounting Supervisor Mid-Size Virginia K-12 School District
Interoperability: What is it, and how can it improve K-12 central office administration?

Interoperability is a technology concept that is gaining momentum across multiple business sectors. With a growing need to integrate K-12 central office data systems with on-premise or in-the-cloud software applications, implementing interoperability through integration Platform as a Service technology, known as iPaaS, can create substantial opportunities for increased connectivity and efficiency.

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