Your people, data and
software – all in one

Bring down barriers and
improve interoperability.

Do it right. Do it once.

Connect Stream® orchestrates fluid sharing of data among all your systems, including data sources and software applications – whether in the cloud or on-premise – from a single platform. By sharing, moving and updating data electronically and securely in real time for all your K-12 Human Resources, Payroll, Finance, and Benefit administration, Connect Stream helps eliminate manual, redundant processes and reduce the opportunity for error.

Connect Stream eliminates:

Data silos that don’t communicate

The need for costly custom integrations

The worry about data freshness or accuracy

Connect Stream® vs.
Point-to-point integration


Point-to-point integration

Point-to-point integration allows interfaces between two systems. If an organization uses more than two systems or additional systems are added, then more point-to-point integrations must be created, but never at any point are all the systems operating in real-time together.

Connect Stream

Connect Stream remains scalable and flexible despite the number of connection points. As data is pushed into Connect Stream, it is normalized into a common format.

This formatting maintains the integrity of the data in keeping with your K-12 data system or data source, while making it completely usable within any of your software applications — in the cloud or on-premise — for Human Resources, Payroll, Finance, and/or Benefit administration.

Connect Stream holds all data — including any new, changed or updated data — until ready to sync with your K-12 data system(s) either automatically or at your direction.

It’s all in the connectors.

Think of Connect Stream as a data hub. Your district’s ERP, data system, data sources and software applications are the connectors that simply plug into the Connect Stream platform.
A single platform, Connect Stream creates a complete integration flow for any combination of data sources and on-premise and cloud-based software.




Your workflow. Your way.

Connect Stream offers pre-structured, pre-built workflow templates and app tools that allow you to easily control and customize your integrations according to the specific policies and specialized business rules required by your K-12 central office standards.

No need to write special code or programming

Provides for multiple user roles and varying levels of data access

No extra hardware required

Information Security Management System meets all required security and compliance standards