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The Bigger Picture of Integration


Connect Stream® is the perfect opportunity to help your K-12 clients maximize their experience with in-the-cloud software.

Lightweight and flexible, Connect Stream enables your K-12 clients to access data and utilize software applications within a single platform seamlessly, featuring:

Multi-tool ability

for on-premise data with a variety of means (e.g. API, ETL, FTP, SFTP)

Flexibility & scalability

to K-12 district size, needs and budgets


that meets compliance requirements

As a Connect Stream partner, your team will have broader market opportunities because Connect Stream offers agnostic integration.

Connect Stream invites ERP, SaaS, and on-premise solution providers for Human Resources, Payroll, Finance and Benefit for K-12 central office management.

The Connect Stream® Difference


  • No major investment for third party-integrations for every single software application, ERP or data source.
  • No wait for citizen integration.
  • No reason for your clients to say “no” to your SaaS when they can plug into Connect Stream at the same time your software is installed.
  • No need for your clients to delay their purchase decision with integration concerns.
  • No reason for your client to switch to another product choice when yours instantly and fully integrates with their software, ERP or data source.

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